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Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Omex Upholstery Cleaning offers professional sofa cleaning, lounge cleaning and couch cleaning. For cleaning services for upholstery on the day, please call 0416 014 793

 We know you need to take care of your upholstered furniture, which is why we offer upholstered cleaning services in Melbourne. Our high quality upholstery cleaning service guarantees that: Proper cleaning is done according to the nature of the fabric, it recognizes dirt and dirt on  upholstered furniture and cleans them from the root with the best technology. 

 Our cleaning process includes disinfecting upholstery to remove unhealthy bacteria that can carry the disease, reducing common allergens from house dust mite, pests, pet scales, pollen, etc., and It also includes deodorization and protection of fabrics, including  cleaning services for upholstery. We can also apply a special protective coating like scotchguard to enhance the appearance of your upholstery and protect the fabric from wear, tear and spills.

Why replace your upholstery when you can have it looking brand new once again?

We clean all types of upholstery, whether indoor or outdoor furniture upholstery. We can restore your microfiber sofa, suede armchair, or even leather loveseat, using the best upholstery cleaning process that is right for your fabric. Upon arrival at your home, our upholstery cleaning technician will determine the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstered furniture. 

 With proper care and  occasional professional cleaning of upholstery, upholstery  furniture has been used for many years and always looks good, a cleaner and healthier home for you, your children and your pet. 100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Cleaning service for household upholstery

Our goal is to provide Melbourne’s best upholstery cleaning service. For this reason, we provide our customers with a cleaning service for upholstery for their homes. Keeping your home clean isn’t just about  vacuuming your furniture, it’s also about keeping and cleaning all  the upholstery in your home. Dust and debris can invade any upholstery. Therefore, it is important for professionals to regularly clean and maintain all  upholstered furniture. We carefully examine the structure of the upholstery, paying special attention to the areas of concern to ensure that proper cleaning techniques are used. As a result, delicate upholstery can be cleaned more thoroughly and in detail. Clean your furniture with the latest advanced fabrics and safe products, and use a powerful suction device to remove dirt and dirt from your furniture. The furniture can then be treated with a special product to withstand future stains. We guarantee your satisfaction, otherwise we will get it right at an affordable price. Contact us

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Commercial upholstery cleaning service

If it gets dirty, do not replace the upholstery. Omex’s commercial upholstery cleaners have nearly 10 years of experience in cleaning residential and commercial upholstery. The type of stain and the type of fabric do not matter. Our experienced upholstery cleaning technicians know how to deal with all possible problems with all fabrics. This is especially true if it is being used by multiple employees and all prospects and customers. Dust, pollen, leftovers and stains penetrate deep into the furniture. To remove these pollutants and maintain the quality of your investment, you need the help of a professional upholstery cleaning service. Call 0416 014 793 today  for high quality commercial upholstery cleaning services. 

 Experienced cleaning staff in the commercial sector know how to handle bulk orders, keep upholstered furniture clean and tidy, create a healthier workplace for everyone, and upholstered furniture lifespan To extend. In addition, all deodorants and cleaners are non-toxic and  leave no sticky residue.  Our upholstery cleaning technicians are equipped with the latest machines

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Hygienic services for cleaning upholstery are of paramount importance to us.

Hot water extraction or upholstery steam cleaning in Melbourne in Australia is a very popular and effective method for deep cleaning and disinfection. It is environmentally friendly and is the safest  and most non-toxic way to clean upholstery for people and pets. Thanks to the powerful equipment, you can get the desired result in a short time and  much shorter drying time. 

Omex Upholstery Cleaning Benefits

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Omex Professional Steam Cleaning

The quality of the results obtained in Australia is much higher than the results obtained with  regular steam cleaning. Suitable for all fabrics in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

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Dry Cleaning of Upholstery Melbourne

Delicate fabrics are washed with dry powder. This is applied carefully as it can easily damage the surface of upholstery by a layman. Our experienced team is specially trained and takes all these factors into account when choosing how to clean the fabric.

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Omex upholstery also improves the air quality of the home because the upholstery furniture is high in allergens such as dust,  dander, mites and pollen.


Removal of dirt from upholstery

Sensitive and fine upholstery requires expertise and reliable and safe cleaning. Omex upholstery cleaning provides all of this.

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Deodorization from upholstery

There are many reasons for the home odor of  carpets and upholstery. Food and drink spills, food, dust, external dirt, air pollution, and pets can all play a role in producing unwanted odors.  Keeping the scent of your home or office  fresh and clean is one of the main benefits of cleaning upholstery. Some odor sources  may require special deodorization, and cleaning Omex upholstery may be the best solution for your needs.  Refresh and beautify your home with  Omex Upholstery Cleaning’s professional cleaning and deodorizing services.

 Regardless of the dirt you want to remove, Omex  upholstered cleaning system will give you peace of mind that  your beautiful upholstered furniture will be in top condition again. 

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